Blitzed Bingo Released World Wide

Exciting software releases boom Boom BOOM!  Marijuana Weed has proudly released an ALL NEW weed game.  You can find this exciting Massive MuliStoner Online Bingo Game everywhere, on every android app store.  Get it while it’s red hot!

In addition to the normal release on Google Play, and Amazon – other smaller publishers are now carrying a Bitcoin version.  You can now pay for in app items with bitcoin, with the help of

Exciting day indeed for Dealers, Heads, Stoners, Bonners worldwide.  Get your stone on – and lets play a game!

Download Free Now from your favorite app store

Game Description

Time to Play a Game! Blitzed Bingo – Free Marijuana. A Free Bingo Game for Android. World Wide Party, Live and Online. Play Bingo with Fellow Nature Lovers. Bingo games are all the same. Blitzed Bingo – Free Marijuana offers more game! It is the freshest of the freshest. Let’s play the bingo game all your friends are playing.

Blitzed Bingo:
*free party today – and everyday
*play for unique items: weed, seeds, and dabs
*make customizations everyone can see
*many different rooms, many different levels, many different games
*party with real stoners world wide in real time
*power-ups get you rewards for strategic play

Blitzed Bingo – Free Marijuana for Android with an ALL NEW look that will delight even the most seasoned stoner! Pounds of rewards and prizes! Huge social event with all your stoney friends, right in your pocket.

If you get blitzed before you get bingos, it will only enhance your gameplay! Your favorite character bongie the bong will party by your side. No flipping between cards. Bongie does all the work for you. Just sit back, and take all the hits that bongie provides, and abides. He’ll even find extra buds and seeds laying around. Who wants a friend like bongie the bong? You do!

Play with 1-6 cards. You’ll level up with every hit you take. Keep taking hits and you’ll be higher than your friends, but act cool.

Marijuana has become America’s fastest growing recreation. Join in the fun and share a little mother nature with your best friends. No chance of overdose, no possibilities of bad trips. Just pure fun, in a theme you identify with. Many governments will try to persuade you that weed is harmful, bad for humans – and will even tax you for possessing it. You can possess this game 100% legal. Have some wacky tobaccy in your pocket at all times, and never feel paranoid. Whenever you feel the urge, you can whip out this game, and watch the people around you stare in envy because you are someplace they want to be.

I have been using cannabis for many years, and I am still able to understand and write code – and I do it best when I’m stoned. Come enjoy the game that I made for you and all your rowdy friends.

During gameplay you will pick up seeds and buds, You can always turn your buds into dabs at the dealers, but you’ll be planting those seeds. After 24 hours, come back and harvest those seeds into playable buds. Carefull, don’t wait too long. You don’t want your precious crop to spoil. But when it comes to free weed – I’m sure your attention won’t be gone long!

You can buy custom daubers, but most items are available without buying them. of course, if you can spare some, your generosity goes to programming more titles that fit your lifestyle.

Everyday you can party and scratch the scratchie card for free credits and prizes. Scratch cards contain buds, seeds, and dabs. Your wildest weed fantasies are revealed. It comes from the imagination of a stoner, for you, my fellow stoner. We can now give up all those weak bingos, and play for free – Blitzed Bingo – Free Marijuana, bingos made just for you.

Hit the power hitter at the right time, and you could be on a X2 bonus trip – where everything doubles for massive wins. That’s right Double the cannabis, double the fun! When you have a dab stash, all things weed open up to fun. Free bingo on android!

Blitzed Bingo a free bingo game for stoners

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