Blitzed Bingo: Marijuana Bingo for All Your Buds


The Ultimate Bingo Game for You and All Your Buds

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You’ve played bingo – but have you played bingo while blitzed? Blitzed bingo takes your memory and matching skills to the test, giving you the chance to party with your fellow stones for free, each and every day!

Get blitzed before you bingo for gaming on a whole new level!

  • Play for unique virtual items including weed, seeds and dabs – turn bids into dabs and plant your seeds – after 24 hours, come back and harvest them as playable buds! But don’t wait too long or your plants will wither.
  • Challenge yourself with new rooms, levels and game rules so that no two bingo games are alike!
  • Log in every day for a free scratch card that gets you extra credits and virtual prizes
  • Real-time gaming with stoner buds around the world through Facebook and Google+
  • Put wacky tobaccy in your pocket all day, every day. The next best thing to free weed! Paid power-ups are available but optional. Support your fellow stoner and spare a few bucks?
  • Play from 1-6 cards for the ultimate bingo buzz that smokes traditional bingo games
  • Can’t keep track of all your cards? Enlist the help of Bongie the bong – he’ll even find extra buds and seeds laying around while you play! Bongie – the true pal that provides and abides!
  • Test your stoner reflexes with the Power Hitter. Hit it at the perfect time for a 2X bonus trip that doubles EVERYTHING for massive wins and giant virtual payouts!

It’s the free weed bingo game on Android that’s sure to get you coming back for more. It’s fun, free and 100% legal.

Blitzed Bingo a free bingo game for stoners