Ingredients of Weed Brownies

What do you use in your weed brownies?  After all there are many ways to turn weed into an editable.  One thing is for sure – you can’t just eat the bud and expect to get stoned.  You have to process it and dissolve it into fat in order for your body to easily absorbed the yummy THC.

Most people do the tried and true.  They get their hands on the kindest bud they can find.  The hardest part is to chop up the buds into a fine grain and dump it (eeek!  I could of smoke that!)  into some hot butter – never to be smoked again.  That’s ok – if you simmer the butter, not burn it.  The THC will jump right off that bud and into the butter – ready for your body to indigest.

A box of Betty Crocker – the brownie recipe is not calling for butter.  Now what?  Well they do call for cooking oil.  I know that most sites on the Internet will tell you not to use oil when transferring THC.  I’ve found this to be untrue.  Simmer your weed in oil for a while and now your ready.

I have had some amateur brownies before, were they dump the weed and don’t take it out before cooking the brownies.  Listen up amateurs!  You must take the weed out of the butter or oil when you’re done transferring yumminess into the fat.  If you don’t your brownies will taste more like grass, and have a finely cut salad texture to it?  Just strain the weed out of your “magic bus”.  It pays to do some reading before doing.

Fine bud – check.  Well – you don’t have to use fine bud in order to cook.  In reality – all of the sugar leaf clippings that your taking off your plants and throwing away can make an amazing pain free brownie ride.

Ok – so you can use things you wouldn’t stick in your pipe and smoke it.  What about things that I already smoked?  Now that’s just silly… or is it?  Now don’t go around saying you made some killer brownies from the bong water that’s been collecting amazing bud for the last month.  However, you can use vaped weed to make up a killer batch of kind brownies.

Vaped weed is used weed that has been though the Vaporizer.  My favorite by far is the Volcano Vaporizer.  I suggest picking one up for a kind high.  But, back to point, after you take the cream off the leaf with your vape.  There are still plenty of stubborn trichomes still refusing to jump the mother plant.  I take the cream off the top and I’ll collect my vaped weed into a jar, and hand it over to a good cook for further processing.

The last time I ate some magic brownies that was made from vape weed – I got paranoid high.  Wow.  Even cutting back to only eating a half brownie gave me a new sense of perception.

Knowing that you can use several different kinds of weed in your next brownie recipe might ease the strain on you when you chop up ultra kind bud.  Just use other weed for your brownies – and keep the kind for Vaporizing or Smoking – what ever your preference.