Marijuana Brownie Your Marijuana Addiction

Everyone on the Internet is looking for marijuana brownie recipes and how to guides.  The funny thing is we all know how to make brownies; Betty Crocker has almost fail-proof methods for creating wonderful brownies.  Pot brownie or marijuana Brownie recipes are only adding one more ingredient.

Marijuana Addiction

When it comes to addiction chocolate brownies are very addictive.  It funny how brownies can calm very nerves women down.  What will the added benefit of marijuana do to that addiction?  You’ve heard the news go back and forth with: is chocolate good, is chocolate bad.  Who cares what they think!  Listen to yourself – if you crave it – there is good reason your body is asking for it.  Indulge.  Marijuana addiction is only as real as chocolate addiction.

Marijuana Brownie Guts

I’m not going to recite a how-to on weed brownie recipes, but I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you how to convert your marijuana into an editable cannabutter, or other editable substance.  Marijuana plant material isn’t very editable; it tastes nothing like salad or other leafy editable, so the key to making marijuana brownies is to not bring any physical plant matter into your pot brownie.  If the marijuana brownie Guts are green, better run because someone ignored the this rule, and they will taste nasty.


Pot Brownie Recipe

Preparing the butter for cannabutter is necessary.  When heating up butter the salt and cream will separate, giving you pure butter.  When choosing your butter at the store – get as close to pure as possible; this will save you time in preparation.  If you butter is filled with excess crap, just scrape it off the top before adding your marijuana.

Most recipes wont call for butter.  They will call for cooking oil or canola oil, which will work equally, if not better, then butter.  Making a rich marijana cooking oil is easier because there is no preparation work, it’s easier to keep, and hard to burn.  You can find lots of ways to use this, and only a few ways to use the butter.  Since oil is not used for tastes, your weed brownies will have less marijana taste.

Marijuana Plant Addition

Making cannabutter is quite simple after you’ve done your homework.  Butter melts and a very low temperature.  And THC makes the jump from the plant to the fat of butter at a very low temperature.  So you don’t have to crank up the heat on the stove to accomplish the jump.  You can burn butter for your marijana very easily; so do keep an eye on things.  Add your weed and allow it time to make the jump.  The more time you simmer, the more THC will jump.

So lets show you how to make cannaoil.  Put your oil into a small pot – add marijana.  The longer you let it simmer, the more THC will jump.  You don’t have to worry as much about the temperature of this mixture as you do the butter.  Oil is very hard to burn.  This stuff is bomb because you can use it in many more marijuana brownie recipes then butter.  It’s also much faster and easier to store for later use.  If you’re creative enough, you can take the oil and put it in a pill for cannapills.

Marijuana Plant Removal

Once done, run your cannabutter or your cannaoil though a cheesecloth strainer.  Do it a few times to get out all the plant matter that you can.  The less that plant is in your marijuana brownies the better.  If you don’t grind up your marijuana into crumbs, it should be relatively easy to get out.  The marijuana should look brown in color, and to the pothead eye – spent.


Now add your marijuana infused love not only to your brownie mix, but lets cook all things with this stuff.  The very key to making the worlds best marijuana brownies is to make sure you remove as much plant material as possible.  Let the oil or butter simmer for at least 15 minutes – but the longer the better.  Get to the heart of your marijuana addiction; use your best brownie recipe to make the best marijuana brownies in town.  Impress your friends.