If The Game is Banned, You Have a Winner

All good games never make it past the censor the first time.  Although that never been a goal of mine, it surprises me just how offened people still are when it comes to marijuana.  My last few games have been banned from even making an appearance on Amazon App Store, or Slideme.  It had a brief showing on Google Play, until they banned it too.  I’m just too edgy for these corporate guys.  Luckily, I was able to shape up the game for Google’s taste. You can download it here on the Google Play Store.  I don’t have any reason to believe they will ban it again, but you really never know with these guys.

Kilo of Weed

When you really start dissecting why they are doing it, it seems really silly to think if I replaced the word “marijuana” with “dandelion” the game would make it past the censors with flying colors.   Anybody want to buy a kilo of high grade dandelion weed?

High Grade Gaming Context

 Marijuana is Always a HIT!

Many studio shops are becoming hipsters to marijuana.  Now that it has been legalized in 2 states, one of which I reside, developers are starting to realize just how real life recreation can integrate into a virtual artboard to take the entertainment experience to new heights!  Puff Puff Pass!

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