Stoner Slots I Marijuana Weed

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Slots for Stoners. Call it Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Ganja or Sativa – it’s 4:20! Free as in Free Weed to Play. Play Daily, it’s Chronic Kush.

Stoner Slots PlayStation
☆ Free Slots Game
☆ Fun Sativa Kush Sounds
☆ Kind Graphics, All Original
☆ Daily Free Weed
☆ Download Free
☆ Pack this Hookah up tight with cannabis, and share it with friends

Marijuana fills this Game, Sticky Icky Icky

This Casino Playstation is fun for any Stoner. A Vegas Style Slot game with Jackpot Vegas Payouts. Keep spinning reels like a mofo. You might get a contact high. Specialized Just for You.

I am an independant developer. I love cannabis. In fact, it is one of my favorite ways to relax, and medicate. Marijuana is not harmful. Weed in its virtual form, like Stoner Slots uses, is even less harmful. It’s funny how it offends people. If you are not offended by Marijuana, and you enjoy the challenge of clearing the bong tube, play today. Girls love Stoner Slots! It Sparkles, it Shines! Filled with Cute smiley. Your True Love, Mary Jane. A Friend with Weed is a Friend Indeed! Our buds have red hair.

You wont find this game on Amazon App Store, or on SlideMe.  This game is exclusive – only on Google Play.  Download and get your contact high right NOW!

Actual Game Play

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