Use Vegetable Oil in Your Weed Brownie

It is safer to use vegetable oil in your weed brownie recipe then butter.  You’ll find most ingredients for ready-made brownies do not call for butter; rather they need vegetable oil or canola oil.  The key to making these brownies isn’t getting enough weed into the brownies.  But getting the weed out of the brownie.

Putting Weed in your Weed Brownie

First, make sure you grind up your marijuana.  Do not put it into a powder.  This will make it near impossible to remove the plant from your pot brownie recipe.  You’ll need to use a good pair of scissors in a bind, or just purchase a herb grinder at your local head shop.  Once ground – place it into warm canola oil (not much past 100 degrees F) that is in a small liquid pot.  Let your weed simmer for 15 minutes to 30 minutes – stirring every now and then.

Take the weed out of Your Marijuana Brownie

I can’t stress this enough people.  You must take the weed out of the oil.  Do not leave any remnants of plant in the oil.  You will taste it.  It will be overpowering and kill the editable taste of the chocolate brownie.  You’ll be forced to choke down your brownie to get high.  This is not a very pleasant way to enjoy your marijuana brownie.  The point is – run your oil though a very fine strainer to remove everything.  You should consider doing it again after that though cheese cloth.Use Canola Oil instead of butter in your next weed brownie recipe

Now that you’ve got some clean looking oil, you could repeat the above steps.  Putting it back on the burner and adding more weed.  The ready-made marijuana brownie recipes will call for enough oil to cover your weed in a very small oil pot.  So unless you’re a real head – you wont need to.  But know that you can feed your marijuana addiction in your brownies, and never die.  So why not add that extra ¼ ounce of weed?

Weed Brownie Recipe

Now just add the oil to the recipe and finish up your creation.  Your brownies should come out of the oven – brown.  They should look and smell just like a regular brownie.  If they are green and stink of skunk – you didn’t take the weed out of your new weed brownie recipe.

All that is left to do now is split them up in slices and share the marijuana love with all your friends.  You can now impress your friends with your new cooking skill and you don’t have to improvise a great weed brownie recipe to accommodate cannabutter.  The thing about cannabutter is it is in cooking for taste.  Although the Marijuana plant smells wonderful when burned; it tastes pretty bad when eaten.