Weed infused Goodness in a Little Brownie

Weed brownies have been a stoner treat for many a decade in this country. Back in the day, brownies laced with weed were made to be a more discreet way to get stoned. In those times though, you would put the actual bud into the brownie mix. This would give your brownies a texture that wasn’t very desirable but it would get you stoned none the less. The amount of weed you had to use back then was 10 times more than what you need to use today. This method would also take much longer to feel the effects of the laced dessert. Some would say it would taste somewhat like biting off into a bale of hay. But technology was not like it is today.

These days, the process for making weed brownies is a tad more sophisticated. It is a several step process that can be somewhat time consuming but much more effective compared to the standards of yesteryear. There are a couple of different methods to use depending upon personal preference. They can be made by scratch, using weed infused butter, or store bought brownie mixes can be used. Most store bought brownie mixes will require the use of vegetable oil. As extracting the THC from the plant material can only be done in fats, oils or alcohol, butter and vegetable oil are the most commonly used ingredients for making weed infused brownies.

When butter is used to make weed brownies, the butter is best if it’s clarified. The process of clarifying butter can be lengthy, but the end result is definitely more desirable. Regular butter contains milk fats that do not absorb the resin from the plant when processed. Instead, the resin clings to the milk fat, creating a guacamole colored product. When stored and refrigerated, it has a ruddy texture and does not look or smell very appetizing. Clarifying the butter gives a much more aesthetic, appetizing ingredient to work with. It’s very simple to do, just a little time consuming. You will want to use real, unsalted butter for this process. Depending on your recipe, it’s best to use one pound of real butter to around one ounce of plant material. This will vary as well. Use more for a stronger brownie, less for a more mellow dessert.

Keep in mind when clarifying butter, that a lower temperature is better. It allows the milk fat to separate evenly without scorching. Lower temperatures will also result in less splash back as the butter simmers. Even tho a low temperature is being used, butter has a low boiling point so you don’t want to burn yourself. As the butter melt, it will separate into 3 layers. Milk solids on the top, a layer of water in the middle and the animal fat on the bottom. The bottom layer is what you want to use to infuse your butter. Separate the milk solids from the fat and water using a cheesecloth into a bowl or measuring cup, depending on how much you are making.

If you are using a vegetable oil recipe, you then only have to infuse the oil with the THC from the weed. This is a very simple and less complicated process. About 1/2 cup of oil to each 1/4 ounce of dried, ground up plant material. Again, the amount you use will be personal preference. Use more for stronger weed brownies, and less for a more mellow effect. Keep in mind that in using both methods, you do not want the temperature of the oils to rise above 250 degrees. As the baking process will be at about 350 degrees, and the resin in your new ingredient will vaporize at 375 degrees, you want to keep your infusion temperature between 175 and 250 degrees.

Once you have your newly infused ingredient, add them into your brownie mix and bake as usual. Once baked and cooled, you will have a delicious fun dessert to enjoy on your own or to share with your friends. The end result will not be the almost instant head high you get when you smoke your weed normally. This method will give your whole body something to enjoy for hours. Keep in mind that everyone’s metabolism is different. The effect can take 30 minutes to an hour in most people. As everyone metabolizes ingested foods differently, you may not feel anything at all. But if you do, be ready to pop in that favorite DVD and let your body enjoy your newly baked goodness.