Weed Wallet

Weed Wallet is a wallet busting full of cryptocurrency for marijuana lovers. Potcoin, Bitcoin, Cannacoin, and Litecoin all in one wallet. 100% Free. No banners, No analytics tracking. 100% Private.

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Instant Exchange – No Signup Required

Instantly exchange between your most needed cryptocurrency using the built-in and trusted ShapeShift.io interface. Anonymously change your Bitcoin into Potcoins, and then into Litecoins. Never leave the app.
Easy to Use
Use Bitcoin to pay someone in Potcoin or visa versa instantly! Spend any-coins to make any-coin payments. Application generates and reads scannable QR codes, so you can easily transfer value from one to another. It really couldn’t be easier to use cryptocurrency!

Privacy & Protection

Weed Wallet keeps your keys private and recoverable. Weed Wallet doesn’t perform any kind of association between your real-world identity and your wallet, your funds or even the way you spend or obtain them. Weed Wallet uses BIP-44 to completely restore your wallet using key words upon loss or destruction of your phone or tablet.

Forget Banks and Fiat Dollars

Trade and get discounts at your favorite Marijuana Dispensary. With most marijuana dispensaries having problems opening and maintaining bank accounts. Weed Wallet provides an alternative to cash utilizing Bitcoin blockchain technology. Ask you favorite dispensaries if they are accepting Potcoin to get amazing discounts and special offers!

More Information

Weed wallet is an open source fork of Coinomi. It’s source is open, and posted in github. You can look at the source, to be sure that your private keys are secure in your software, in your phone. https://github.com/2theleft/weedwallet-android

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is a new technology. Please do not store anything more than you’re willing to lose in this wallet. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or corrupted keys. Please follow backup recommendations carefully. You never need a backup, until you need a backup.